Switched to Motion Based

Since late July/Early August I now keep my stats over at Motionbased.com

Name: Nikochan5869

You can track stats there and is less time consuming than a blog at this time. Since I'm just a stat guy and not much of a storyteller, I believe you'll have better info there.

Week 7 of 18 Day 2

July 26th, 2007

5:30 PM

Distance; 5 miles
Weekly Distance: 8 Miles
Training Distance: 114 Miles
Time: 48 Min
Pace: 9:50
Average HR: 155

Ran 5 miles in the hot sun after a day of smoking and not doing much. I am getting in much better shape as the heat must be hell on my muscles. I am able to take it and push through.

Week 7 of 18 Day 1

July 24th, 2006

5:15 AM

Distance: 3 Miles
Weekly Distance: 3 Miles
Training Distance 109 Miles
Time 27:11
Pace: 9:03
Max HR : 164
Average HR : 150

Ran this in the hot 112 degree sun ! I felt like this was a great indication of running in the heat with a high heart rate. I need to add in a mid week long run to better prepare.

Week 6 of 18 Day 4

Week 6 of 18 day 4

July 23rd

Distance: 10 Miles
Weekly Distance: 19 Miles
Training Distance: 106 Miles
Time: 1 Hr 45 minitues
Pace: 10:30 per mile (much better)
Max HR: 173
Average HR: 150 !! Woo hoo

Good long run. My knee was very sore the next day, took a couple of ibprofen and felt fine later
Week 6 of 18 Day 3

July 21st

Distance: 3 Miles
Weekly Distance: 9 Miles
Training Distance: 96 Miles
Week 6 of 18 Day 2

July 19th

Distance: 3 Miles
Weekly Distance: 6
Training Distance: 93 Miles
Time: ?
Max HR: ?
Average HR: ?

Playing catchup. Just updating stats

Week 6 of 18 Day 1

July 17th, 2007

Distance: 3 Miles
Weekly Distance: 3 miles
Training Distance: 90 Miles
Time: 27:27
Pace: 9:09
Max HR 155
Average HR: 148

Very cool day and I took advantage of the weather and had a really good run. Nothing much else to report.